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Maryann was born in New York City and lived there throughout her formative years, allowing her to absorb and experience a vast array of art and culture. She began dabbling in art at the age of 6, when her uncle, a comic strip writer and cartoonist, allowed her to color his weekly strips. From there she graduated to paint-by-numbers and at the age of 10, entered and won a prize for her submission.

Maryann McNamara

Although her interest in art continued, she channeled her efforts in a slightly different direction and enrolled in the New York School of Interior Design where completed her studies in structural design and color techniques. She seemed to have an affinity for color and she won awards for her school projects. Since she had already been working in the business world, and the opportunity never arose that would allow her to change careers midstream, it was not until she was almost ready to retire when she decided it was time to pursue her dream.

Maryann, a former New Jersey resident of 31 years, has relocated to Mount Dora, Florida, where she hopes to contribute to the vast art community in the area. She enjoys painting serene and relaxing pieces which include landscapes, architecture, flowers, and animals, in vivid (oil) colors. Many times she composes a painting rather than copying exactly what she sees, by adding components together and blending them into the piece.

An award-winning artist who has sold numerous prints of her work, she hopes to continue sharing her vision with others who (might) enjoy her pieces, as much as she (enjoys creating them). She’s looking forward to interpreting the rustic Mount Dora environs and all the new sights the Florida landscape has to offer. She is working closely with Bob Carlsen, award winning photographer, to produce quality giclee prints of her original art.  

Maryann has served as an officer of various art associations and has assisted in the planning of numerous art shows and exhibitions. In her support of the arts, she has donated her works to the Eustis Art Museum for their annual fund raising efforts and is a member of the Mt. Dora Center for the Arts.
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